Sunday, March 29, 2009

So proud of my DH

Well I must say, I really am a proud wife at the moment. My husband has always impressed me with his many talents. He has always been right in to music and he loves to play it loud! We all usually sit in his 'boys room' which kind of respresents a home based nightclub! Complete with laser lights, strobes, a smoke machine and of course my little contribution - my disco ball!

Anyway, he recently went to DJ school and learned how to mix music and as it turns out he has become quite the DJ.

My aunty had her 50th birthday party on the weekend and he was asked to DJ and he just did the most amazing job! Everyone danced all night and the music was sensational. It was a really good mix of golden oldies from the 70s, 80s and 90s. A great night was had by all and now we cannot wait to do it all again!

Well done Pete!


DELiciousDesignz said...

Thats great - Looks like lots of fun. Good on him for getting in there and doing something he enjoys. Guess you will be hosting lots of parties now.

Tiges and Weince said...

WOW how fantastic!!! I love music and couldn't think of a better past time, & to mix it as well. Gee I wonder where I would start mixing OMG too many thoughts. Congrats to him, I hope it becomes a paying hobby!! You looked great in the photo's too!

Chantilly Bowtique said...

Thanks girls. It really was a fantastic night.

Chantelle said...

I love your top!

Good work Hubby. x