Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My little ray of sunshine...

So I have some new things in store but before I show these to you, I thought that I would just make this post a tribute to my gorgeous baby girl Holly. She really is a little ray of sunshine... She, as you may know is my model for Chantilly Bowtique. She is always so over enthusiastic when I make something new. She's always asking me me if what I've made is for her or as she says, a Chantilly customer. As you can imagine, I am always having to make duplicates of everything just so she can have some too! She never complains about having to model wearing my bows. Even if she really doesn't want to do it, she just puts on a huge smile and strikes a pose and then she just runs off and continues playing with her Barbies! She's forever telling people that 'My mummy makes my bows'. She's such a cutie and I cannot thank her enough for being my little girl. I love you sweetie, Luv Mummy xo

Now, back to the bows!

New to the Bowtique are these fabulously cute Baby Bling Flower Headbands.
These lovely headbands are suited to babies and toddlers and feature a stunning Boutique Flower complete with Bling for a little sparkle. Your little girl will look just way too cute in this stunning accessory to finish off her special outfit.

The size of the flower is approximately 11cm and is securely attached to this soft headband which will be comfortable for your little girl.
A great accessory for a photo shoot, wedding, christening, birthday party or any other special event. You can purchase these headbands on my website.

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Em said...

I really love the white one! Very very sweet:)